How Preqin Helps You Select Funds: Measuring Against Your Peers

by Preqin

  • 10 Aug 2018
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In parts one and two of this series we looked at how our funds in market data and Fund Terms Calculator help investors streamline their alternative assets fund allocation process. In this final part, we look at how our investor data keeps allocators informed on their peers, helping them ensure they are ahead of the pack rather than behind the curve.

Big Data, Small Data
We track almost 17,000 institutional investors that currently invest or are considering investing in alternative assets. This includes the major players and most well-known investors, including large pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, as well as smaller institutions like foundations and family offices.

As well as tracking investors en masse, you can drill down to create specific target lists of investors; splitting institutions by type, location, size and preferences allows you to ensure that you see the most relevant peer group for you.

Our data provides deep granularity on their activities and investment strategy, from the largest questions about which asset classes they are investing in down to their typical commitment size and whether they will consider first-time funds. You can focus only on investors that meet a certain profile, or that have invested with specific firms previously.

Breaking News
Our dedicated teams of researchers are in constant direct contact with investors to ensure that our profiles are as up to date as possible. We also ask them on a regular basis about their plans for the next 12 months: which asset classes, geographies and strategies they will target, and how many fund commitments they are intending to make. We also track investors’ preferences with regards to alternative fund structures like separate or managed accounts, whether they are seeking direct investments or funds of funds, and other information on their 12-month plans.

These updates are compiled into news alerts that are available to our clients, either across the industry or for specific target lists of investors. This means you will always be aware of what your peers are planning. We are investing in extending this service further, allowing you to see important updates from across the industry in one place.

Investor Insight
As well as tracking investor activity on an ongoing basis, we conduct large-scale surveys of investors every six months. The Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets series provides invaluable insight into investors’ sentiment, concerns and intentions. It tracks how investors feel about the state of each asset class, whether they are increasing or reducing their investments, and what they foresee as the key issues and biggest opportunities of the next 12 months.

This allows you to see what your peers are seeing in the marketplace, and indicates what the biggest talking points of the next months might be. It acts as a health-check for the institutional investor community, and offers both macro investment trends and in-depth insight.

Throughout this series, we have aimed to show how Preqin helps fund allocators with the fund selection process. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities, comparing potential funds or marking yourself against your peers, our data and tools have something to offer. Get in touch with us or go to to find out more and try it for yourself.

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