How Preqin Helps You Fundraise: Tailoring Your Pitch

by Preqin

  • 17 Aug 2018
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This series examines the ways in which Preqin data and tools help you to raise capital from investors. Part one examined how you can use investor data to find potential investors, and part two looked at how being visible and active with Preqin helps draw investors to you. This third and final instalment explains how we can help you plan your roadshow and tailor your pitch to investors.

Who Are You Going to Call?
Finding potential investors is only half the challenge – once you have shortlisted target allocators, you need to get in touch with them. We maintain a contact list of over half a million industry participants, including key decision-makers at thousands of institutions.

It is not simply a case of contacting everyone you can find and hoping you reach the right person. Instead, Preqin has established with its investor contacts how they prefer to be approached, and who to contact regarding different asset classes and locations. Preqin’s investor profiles show you clearly who to contact for CTA hedge funds in the US, for example, or for emerging markets-focused infrastructure vehicles.

Preparing Your Pitch
When putting your pitch together, Preqin also has tools to help you tailor it to specific investors. Do they have specific track record requirements? Are they a first-close investor? Do they always demand co-investment rights? Our investor profiles will help you ensure that your deck has all the information that investors are looking for. Given that around half of investors say that fund marketing documents generally do not meet their requirements, the information that Preqin provides is invaluable to a smooth pitching process.

Hitting the Road
We have multiple features that can assist with planning and executing an effective roadshow or series of meetings, such as our new maps feature. This identifies the exact office locations of investors, allowing you to plan your time effectively. Some investors have offices in various locations worldwide, or even multiple offices in the same city; with our investor maps, you can make sure that you always know where to go.

Even when you are on the road talking to investors, Preqin can help you with last-minute intelligence. Our mobile app has been designed in conjunction with investor relations teams to provide them with support while they are out of the office. It contains shortened investor profiles, tear sheets on key investor information and even plug-ins for LinkedIn so you can remind yourself who you are meeting.

Our data and tools provide crucial aid throughout the fundraising process, from initial research to face-to-face meetings. It helps you identify investors, source more incoming enquiries and tailor your marketing pitch to the individual prospect.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Preqin can help you with your next fundraise, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at to speak to one of our team and request a demo.

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