How Preqin Helps You Fundraise: Finding Investors

by Preqin

  • 13 Aug 2018
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This is the second series examining how Preqin can help you navigate an increasingly vast and complex alternative assets industry. Following our first series, ‘How Preqin Helps You Select Funds’, this week’s topic looks at how Preqin can assist fund managers looking to raise funds and attract capital. In this first instalment, we show how Preqin’s investor data gives you the edge in finding the right investors for you.

Cut through the Chatter
The alternative assets fundraising market is more crowded than ever: Preqin currently tracks more than 20,000 vehicles that are open to investment. If you include shadow capital such as separate and managed accounts, co-investments and joint ventures, that number rises significantly. It is true that more institutional investors are investing more capital in the industry than at any point ever before – total alternative assets under management reached $8.8tn as of the end of 2017 – but with so many funds clamouring for their attention it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Preqin’s investor data is a vital tool in identifying which investors are most likely to invest in your fund. We track almost 17,000 institutions that invest or are considering investing in alternative assets. From large public pension funds to small family offices, we have in-depth and up-to-date profiles that are curated by our dedicated research teams – more than 250 people around the globe are in constant contact with investors of all types.

Precision Targeting
Our investor profiles allow you to search for allocators on a number of basic criteria like size, type and location. But you can also search according to investors’ preferences, finding only those that are interested in emerging markets or first-time funds for example. You can even search for investors according to their allocation history, allowing you to find those institutions that have invested previously in specific funds or sectors. This allows you to drill down directly to those investors that are most likely to match your fund, rather than sifting through hundreds of potential matches.

Once you have found a set of investors matching your criteria, you can add them to a custom target list. This means you will always have a bank of the most relevant matches available to you, and you can add or edit that list as your fundraising process continues. It will keep you appraised of your targets’ 12-month and longer-term priorities: if they are no longer looking for funds like yours, or if other investors become relevant to your criteria, the target list will update automatically.

Be the First to Know
Beyond tracking your targets on an ongoing basis, our news alerts allow you to see immediate updates on investors’ 12-month plans. Based on frequent and exclusive updates from our research teams, they track the announcement of new fund mandates, investor searches and 12-month plans. It means you will always be kept informed of what investors are looking for.

We also conduct surveys of investors every six months, asking them about their intentions for the year ahead and what strategies and geographies they are targeting. Produced as part of our Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets reports, the results provide top-level information on investor sentiment, and let you know what institutions are likely to be looking for in the year ahead.

What Next?
Our investor data ensures that you can find the investors most likely to want to invest in your fund – but what happens when you have done that? In the second part of our series, out on Wednesday, we will look at how your presence on Preqin’s databases can help attract investment. In the final instalment, we will explain how Preqin can help you tailor your fund pitch and plan your roadshow.

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