Global Private Equity Firms’ Fundraising Breakdown by Region

by Ben Formela Osborne

  • 05 Aug 2009
  • PE

Data derived from Preqin’s fund manager profiles reveals that there are currently 4691 private equity firms worldwide, which have raised more than $2.5 trillion between them over the last 10 years. North American-based private equity fund managers have raised 68.9% of this, while European-based firms account for 23.7% of the total amount raised. Preqin’s data confirms that while geographic diversity in private equity is growing, North America, and to a lesser extent Europe, remain the dominant regions.

Private equity firms located in the US have raised $1.7 trillion during the last decade, corroborating the US as the outstanding nation involved with private equity. Canadian private equity fund managers have contributed $28.8 billion to the $2.5 trillion global figure, which despite being far less than its North American neighbour, still makes Canada the sixth highest contributing country to private equity fundraising.

The UK boasts the largest total number of funds raised in Europe over the last 10 years with $356.8 billion. France, Sweden and Switzerland are the next largest private equity fundraising contributors in Europe, with private equity fund managers in these countries raising $72.7 billion, $35.3 billion and $27.2 billion respectively during this period.

Outside of the two major private equity regions, Asia is the next largest private equity continent having contributed 4.4% of all private equity fundraising over the past decade. Japanese-based private equity firms are Asia’s chief private equity provider with $30 billion raised. Hong Kong-based firms have raised $25.3 billion, with Chinese firms, excluding Hong Kong, having raised $22.4 billion. Indian private equity firms have raised $15.5 billion.

Looking at the rest of the world, the Middle East’s private equity fund managers raised 1.1% of total global fundraising in the past 10 years with Australasian, South American and African firms providing 1%, 0.5% and 0.4% of global private equity fundraising respectively.

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