Global Distribution of Private Real Estate Firms by Region

by Clare Bowden

  • 28 Jan 2011
  • RE

North America is the base for 56% of private equity real estate firms, while 28% are located in Europe and 16% in Asia and Rest of World. The US is the country in which the most real estate firms are located and is the base for 607 such firms, equivalent to 54% of all private real estate fund managers globally. This is followed by the UK, which is the location of 144 real estate fund managers. Other notable countries are Australia, Germany and India where 32, 29 and 26 fund managers are based respectively.

New York is at the tops the list of cities with the most private real estate fund managers, with 127 firms, closely followed by London, which is the location of 118 private real estate firms and the only European city in the top 10 cities. Of the 10 cities listed, six are in the US, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston, which are the locations for 39, 29 and 26 fund managers respectively. The remaining cities in the top 10 are San Francisco (25 firms), Dallas (22), Sydney (22), Mumbai (17) and Dubai (15).

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