German Private Equity Fund Managers

by Louise Maddy

  • 09 Jun 2011
  • PE

Preqin’s extensive fund managers profile database reveals there are 49 fund managers located in Germany that follow a buyout strategy.  Over half of these fund managers are based in Frankfurt and Munich, and a further eight fund managers are distributed equally across Berlin and Hamburg. The remaining 15 buyout fund managers are spread across the major cities in the country. These firms have collectively raised USD 17.3 billion over the last ten years and currently have USD 5.6 billion available to them in dry powder.

The five leading buyout firms based in Germany by capital raised in the past decade are Triton, Odewald & Compagnie, Capiton, Deutsche Beteiligungs and Ventizz Capital Partners Advisory.

Triton is a buyout fund manager set up in 1999 and takes majority interests in market-leading companies in German and Nordic-speaking regions. The firm has offices in Frankfurt, Stockholm, London, Jersey and Luxembourg. The firm focus on a broad range of industries; however its latest fund that held a final close in February 2010, Triton Fund III, targets the business service, industrial, computer service and consumer arenas. Triton Fund III collected an aggregate of EUR 2.25bn from investors including Maryland State Retirement and Pension System and Washington State Investment Board.

Odewald & Compagnie is a Berlin-based fund manager investing in high-growth, medium-sized companies operating in German-speaking countries and neighbouring economies. It invests in a wide variety of industries, and generally looks to invest through co-investment opportunities. The firm has raised four buyout funds, raising USD 1.4bn and having USD 365mn available in dry powder.

Capiton is a private equity firm established in 1979 which invests in SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through buyout and expansion financing. The firm focus on a diversified range of industries including consumer products and services, healthcare and manufacturing. Capiton has raised over USD 1bn over the last ten years and has an estimated USD 494mn in uncalled capital.

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