Dartmouth College Endowment not looking to invest in private equity real estate in next two years

by Forena Akthar

  • 09 Jun 2010
  • RE

The USD 3 billion Dartmouth College Endowment is close to its 10% target allocation to real estate and will not be making any new real estate fund commitments in the next two years. This is because it is over-weighted to illiquid assets across all its portfolios and under-weighted to liquid investments. The endowment is hoping to re-balance its entire investment portfolio in the next two years, hoping to fall within its target ranges for liquid and illiquid investments. Upon its return to the real estate market, Dartmouth College Endowment will analyse its property portfolio and the real estate market, before determining the strategies and locations to invest in. It expects to invest predominantly in the US, but still aims to invest limited amounts in Asia and emerging markets.

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