Current Venture Capital Fundraising

by Adam Counihan

  • 15 Nov 2010
  • PE

Preqin data shows that from 2005 to present, USD 150.9 billion in capital has been raised by venture capital fund managers focused on investment in North America. Of all North America-focused private equity venture funds to close since 2005, venture funds with no specific stage focus contributed the most in terms of aggregate capital raised, collecting USD 81.5 billion in investor commitments. In 2010 to date, 54 North America-focused venture capital funds have closed with an aggregate USD 14.2 billion in capital.

Private equity venture capital funds focused on investment in Europe have, so far in 2010, raised USD 4.7 billion from 25 vehicles. From 2005 to present European venture capital funds have raised a total of USD 51.2 billion in investor commitments, the greatest proportion of which was committed to the 205 venture capital vehicles with no particular stage focus, totalling USD 27 billion in aggregate capital raised.

Venture capital vehicles with a primary geographic focus on Asia and Rest of World have raised a total of USD 7.2 billion so far this year from 37 funds. Since 2005, private equity venture capital vehicles have raised a total of USD 83.6 billion in capital. The greatest amount of capital to be invested in the region has been raised by funds with a focus on venture capital expansion investment with aggregate capital of USD 38.5 billion raised by 160 funds.

Looking at vehicles currently fundraising, there are 469 funds on the road seeking USD 89.8 billion in capital. The majority of capital, USD 51.6 billion, currently being raised will be focused on investment in Asia and Rest of World with USD 26 billion being raised by North America-focused funds and the remaining USD 12.2 billion being collected by funds with a primary geographic focus on Europe.

The largest fund currently seeking capital is AVIC Fund of China. This fund, from CCB International Asset Management, is currently on the road with a target size of USD 2.9 billion (CNY 20 billion). The vehicle will primarily focus on venture capital expansion opportunities in China-based high-tech, manufacturing and aerospace companies.

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