Current Global Growth Capital Fundraising

by Kamarl Simpson

  • 22 Nov 2010
  • PE

Preqin data reveals that there are 163 growth/expansion capital vehicles in market currently seeking an aggregate $37 billion in commitments. 45% of these funds have already had at least one interim close, having raised $6.7 billion in total.

In terms of the number of growth capital funds currently on the road, 13% will primarily target the North American market, 24% will primarily seek investment opportunities in Europe, and the remaining 63% will focus mainly on investments in Asia and Rest of World. The average size of growth capital funds on the road is $236 million. The largest growth fund currently in market is AVIC Fund of China, which is aiming to raise $2.95 billion for investment in Chinese aviation companies.

Preqin data reveals that $54.6 billion in capital has been raised by growth fund managers since 2007. Of the 216 funds that have reached final close since 2007, 121 primarily focus on Asia and Rest of World. These 121 funds accounted for 57% of the aggregate capital raised globally. Funds focusing on growth investments in North America accounted for 25% of aggregate capital raised worldwide, and the 54 vehicles primarily focused on investment in Europe accounted for 18% of the aggregate capital raised.

Data from Preqin’s Funds in Market product shows that so far this year 33 growth venture capital funds have reached a final close, raising an aggregate $10.1 billion in capital commitments. The largest fund to reach a final close was 3i Growth Capital Fund, which closed on target at $1.6 billion. The fund focuses on growth investment across a diversified range of sectors in North America, Europe and Asia.

For more information on private equity fundraising please see Preqin's Funds in Market product.

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