Current Fundraising for Early Stage Venture Capital Funds

by Nicholas Jelfs

  • 24 Jan 2011
  • PE

Preqin’s Funds in Market product shows there are 115 early stage venture capital funds currently raising capital. These funds are collectively targeting just under USD 12.8 billion, with 31% of the funds already completing at least one interim close and having raised almost USD 1.3 billion.

In terms of geographical fund focus, 55% of the current early stage investment vehicles in market predominantly target opportunities throughout North America, 24% focusing throughout Europe, and the remaining 21% investing mainly across the Rest of World. With respect to the geographical locations of the fund managers, 56% are based in North America, 25% throughout Europe and the remaining 19% based across the Rest of World.

Preqin’s research displays 99 early stage private equity funds that closed throughout 2009 and 2010, having raised USD 9.4 billion. A significant fund that closed during this period was the Third Rock Ventures II fund. The investment vehicle closed above target on USD 426 million in mid-September 2010, and invests in biotechnology and life science companies across the US.

Northzone VI fund is a noteworthy vehicle that is currently in market. The fund is seeking EUR 200 million of early stage investment across Europe in technology and cleantech opportunities. It intends to make investments of EUR 3 million to EUR 10 million in up to 18 companies.

For more information on private equity fundraising please see Preqin's Funds in Market product.

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