Comparing Investment Consultants and Investors in Real Estate – September 2015

by Matthew Rautionmaa

  • 18 Sep 2015
  • RE

Preqin’s Real Estate Online contains information on 304 investment consultants that advise on private real estate and over 3,500 investors that invest in private real estate. Here, we take a look at the breakdown of these firms by location to see whether there is a correlation between the number of investors and the number of consultants based in a particular region.

Investment consultants active in real estate are located in 24 countries across five continents. As the chart above shows, North America is home to two-thirds of investment consultants tracked by Preqin, which is unsurprising considering 61% of the global real estate investor population is based in the region, and the North American real estate market is the most mature. For similar reasons, approximately a quarter of investment consultants and a quarter real estate investors are based in Europe. The UK holds the second largest proportion of consultancies (12%) behind the US (64%), while Switzerland is third with 6% of the investment consultant population.

Outside North America and Europe, Australia is home to the largest proportion of investment consultants (3%). The remaining firms are located within Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, representing just 2% of all investment consultants that actively cover real estate. With investors in Asia & Rest of World representing a growing number of real estate investors, it is interesting to note that there is a larger discrepancy between the proportion of investors and the proportion of consultants headquartered in Asia & Rest of World, although many of the larger investment consultants do have a global footprint with satellite offices in less mature real estate markets.

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