Australian Infrastructure Investor Universe

by Louise Taggart

  • 21 Jun 2011
  • INF

Preqin is currently tracking 94 active infrastructure investors located in Australia, of which 70 are superannuation schemes representing 74% of the total. Asset managers represent 11% of Australian infrastructure investors, and insurance companies account for a further 3%. Australian superannuation schemes have median assets under management of A$2.9bn.  In terms of exposure to infrastructure opportunities, these superannuation schemes have a mean current allocation to infrastructure of 6.4%, and a mean target allocation of 9% of total assets.

These investors seek opportunities in a range of geographic regions; 79% of superannuation schemes seek investment opportunities in Asia, 71% target domestic Australasian assets, 53% invest in Europe, and 40% targeting North American infrastructure projects. 59% of Australian superannuation schemes will invest on a global scale.

In terms of the source of infrastructure allocation, the majority (70%) of Australian superannuation schemes invest in infrastructure through a separate infrastructure-specific allocation.  6% gain exposure to infrastructure as part of a private equity allocation and a further 6% invest through a real assets allocation. The remaining 18% invest via an alternative source of capital, such as a general alternatives allocation or an opportunistic investment bucket.

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