Australia-Based Venture Capital Firms

by Cindy Smith

  • 07 Sep 2011
  • PE

Preqin’s extensive research shows there are currently 43 venture capital firms located in Australia. The latest data from the Fund Manager Profiles database shows that these firms have collectively raised AUD 5.5 billion in capital commitments over the last 10 years and have AUD 2 billion available in dry powder.

Focusing on fund managers with venture capital as their main investment strategy, the top five fund managers located in Australia by total capital raised over the last 10 years are Starfish Ventures, GBS Venture Partners Limited, Hastings Funds Management, Southern Cross Venture Partners and CM Capital Investments.

Starfish Ventures is a venture capital fund manager based in Melbourne. The firm was founded in 2001 and since then has invested in over 60 portfolio companies. Starfish Ventures partner with Australian entrepreneurs to build innovative global technology companies with a specific interest in life sciences, cleantech and information technology. The firm has raised AUD 252 million in the past decade and currently has an estimated AUD 44 million in dry powder. 

GBS Venture Partners is a life science venture capital firm with offices in Melbourne and Queens Park. Founded in 1996, the firm invests in private or public companies at any stage of development but generally prefers early stage investment. GBS Venture Partners has a particular investment interest in human healthcare, biotechnology product development and life science start-ups. The firm have raised AUD 232 million over the past 10 years and currently has an estimated AUD 59 million in available dry powder. 

Hastings Funds Management is an infrastructure, private equity and high yield investment manager headquartered in Melbourne. The firm is a late stage investor with a diverse investment portfolio including digital media, education, engineering, financial services, infrastructure, manufacturing and retail sectors. Hastings Funds Management has raised AUD 178 million in aggregate capital over the last decade and currently has no available dry powder.


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