Australasia-Based Infrastructure Investors – October 2013

by Julia Goodall

  • 29 Oct 2013
  • INF

Preqin is currently tracking 108 Australasia-based infrastructure investors, with aggregate assets under management of $1.6tn. The average current allocation to infrastructure for this group of investors is 7% of total assets, and the average target allocation is 10%, showing that  generally these Australasia-based investors have capital available to invest in further infrastructure opportunities. The mean assets under management of Australasia-based infrastructure investors is $15.9bn. The majority (92%) of these investors are located in Australia, with New Zealand-based investors accounting for the remaining 8%.

The most common route to market for Australasia-based infrastructure investors is through commitments to unlisted funds, with 84% of investors targeting this strategy. Thirty-one percent of these investors will consider making direct investments, and 24% will invest via listed funds.  Looking at a breakdown of Australasia-based infrastructure investors by institution type, superannuation schemes are most prevalent in the asset class, making up 60% of the total. A further 16% are asset managers, and 5% are insurance companies. In terms of geographic preferences for infrastructure investments, unsurprisingly Australasia is the most commonly targeted region, with 76% of investors seeking investments domestically. Fifty-five percent will invest globally, 51% invest in Europe and 34% in North America. Nineteen percent will consider investments in Asia, while 9% target investments in assets located outside of these regions.

QIC is the largest Australasia-based infrastructure investor by current allocation, with AUD 6.6bn currently invested in infrastructure opportunities, representing 10% of its total assets. AustralianSuper has a substantial AUD 6.4bn allocated to infrastructure currently, which represents 13.2% of its total assets. Future Fund, UniSuper and QSuper are also notable infrastructure investors located in Australasia, with current allocations of AUD 5.5bn, AUD 3.4bn and AUD 3.3bn respectively. All of these investors are based in Australia.

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