Asia and Rest of World Fundraising in 2009

by Lola Aboderin

  • 04 Jan 2010
  • PE

Over the course of the past 12 months, 118 funds focusing on Asia and Rest of World achieved a final close with raising a total of $27.2 billion. This is significantly less than the total raised during the same period in 2008, when 261 funds secured an aggregate $112.8 billion. During 2009, Asia and Rest of the World funds accounted 11% of the capital of all private equity funds raised worldwide.

Buyout funds accounted for the most capital in 2009 in Asia and Rest of World, raising over $7 billion or 29% of the total capital raised in the region. Venture capital and real estate funds made up a large portion of Asia and Rest of World fundraising in 2009, with commitments totalling $2.8 billion and $6 billion across 20 and 21 funds respectively.

The average size of funds targeting Asia and Rest of the World that closed in 2009 was $262 billion, a decrease compared to 2008 when the average fund size for this region was $450 billion. Of the closed funds in 2009 only five recorded a close of $1 billion or more. Mount Kellett Fund I, a buyout fund, secured the most capital with $2.5 billion. The largest non-buyout fund was the $1.2 billion Norwest Venture Partners XI, a venture fund which targets investments in India and China. These funds five fund accounted for 29% of all the capital raised by Asian and Rest of World focused funds.

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