Alternative Investment Consultants in Real Estate – May 2013

by Claire McNeil

  • 08 May 2013
  • RE

Preqin's Real Estate Online service is currently tracking more than 200 investment consultants which provide consulting services in the real estate space.

The majority (69%) of investment consultants which provide real estate services are based in North America, of which 97% are based in the US. Twenty-six percent are based in Europe and 6% in Asia and Rest of World. Within Europe, the majority of consultants are based in the UK and Switzerland. In a recent survey of alternatives investment consultants conducted by Preqin in April 2013, North America was viewed presenting the best opportunities for real estate investment by 76% of consultants, and Europe was viewed favourably by 49% of consultants. Asia (30%), South America (16%) and Middle East (3%) were viewed as the best regions for investment by a lesser proportion of consultants.

With confidence in the real estate asset class continuing to recover, and strategies higher up the risk/return spectrum being favoured by a significant proportion of consultants, it will be interesting to see whether the flow of capital into emerging market real estate increases and whether this leads to an increase in the number of local real estate consultants. With fewer consultants based in emerging markets, it will be interesting to see whether the larger, international consulting firms will continue to be more prevalent in the Asia and Rest of World region, or whether domestic firms will seek to contest the market for real estate consulting services in the area, as these economies become more established and sophisticated.

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