A Look into the Top 50 Europe-Based Hedge Fund Investors – August 2015

by Joseph Lee

  • 03 Sep 2015
  • HF

Preqin’s Hedge Fund Investor Profiles currently tracks 1,025 Europe-based hedge fund investors, accounting for 20% of all institutional hedge fund investors tracked by Preqin. The spotlight over Europe-based hedge fund investors has intensified over recent years following the establishment of the AIFMD and other regulation now in place, such as CISA and Solvency II. Although Europe-based investors and fund managers have had to adapt to the changing regulatory environment, the region remains home to a large proportion of notable hedge fund investors, representing a rich source of capital for hedge fund managers.

The 50 largest Europe-based hedge fund investors (excluding fund of hedge funds managers) represent a combined $170bn allocation to the hedge fund space. Of the top 50 Europe-based hedge fund investors, 14 are private pension funds and nine are insurance companies, while eight are asset managers. APG - All Pensions Group currently allocates over €19bn to hedge funds, which makes it the largest European allocator to the asset class.

The UK is home to the largest number of these leading hedge fund investors, with 18 of the top 50 institutional allocators to the asset class based in the country.

The 50 largest Europe-based hedge fund investors have been committed to the asset class for a significant period of time; on average, the group began investing in hedge funds over 13 years ago. The top 50 Europe-based hedge fund investors have a mean current allocation of $6.7bn and average funds under management of $71bn.

Despite growing concerns regarding regulations and how they will affect investors and managers within Europe, this group on the whole looks set to continue to invest in the asset class going forward, we will see over the course of the next 12 months how investor preferences will continue to change and adapt.

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