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Service Providers in Alternatives 2023: Preqin Report

With alternatives set to hit $23.3tn AUM by 2027, service providers remain well-positioned for continued growth . This expansion has attracted more GPs to the market


Private markets and long-term strategic growth

A conversation with Daniel Trentacosta, Global Head of Private Markets and Change at MUFG Investor Services


Alternatives in Europe 2023

Alternatives are now a crucial source of investment in Europe economies, with AUM standing at €2.95tn at Q3 2022


Private capital in the Nordics

Between 2020 and H1 2023, dealmaking, performance, fundraising, and LP allocations have shifted as private markets in the Nordics adjust to the evolving environment.


Private Equity and Venture Capital in South Korea 2023

South Korea's strong and stable economy, combined with its long-standing reputation of creating billion-dollar technology companies


How to improve gender equity in senior leadership

From implementing robust legal frameworks to improving DEI data, three industry experts share their recommendations on retaining talented women in the workplace

Trending topics

Preqin's insights on topics that are trending around the globe

Banking upheaval

Follow Preqin's coverage of events in the wake of SVB as they relate to private capital

Risk monitor

Managing alternative assets to minimize risk and maximize return


Get clear insights into the realities of raising capital across markets and regions globally


Sustainable investment is increasingly driving investor decision-making in both public and private markets

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Report | insights+

Preqin Private Capital Compensation and Employment Review 2023

The Review analyzes the data on thousands of professionals in over 80 different positions at the private capital firms surveyed.


Preqin Global Report 2023: Hedge Funds

Preqin Global Report 2023: Hedge Fund is the industry’s most complete and in-depth annual review of the asset class

quarterly update | insights+

Preqin Quarterly Update: Private Debt Q1 2023

With significant macro challenges during the quarter, private debt has held up well with fundraising continuing at a fair clip, but slower than in the fourth quarter of 2022.

report | insights+

Preqin Special Report: The Future of Alternatives in 2027

Identify where the market is likely heading and review your strategies with our Future of Alternatives in 2027 report, built on unique analysis of the best data in the industry.

Events and webinars


Developed Markets Update: A New Phase in Alternatives? Webinar

September 20, 2023

Organiser: Preqin


Mastering Private Market Operations for Limited Partners Webinar

September 27, 2023

Organiser: Preqin


LPA Terms Uncovered: Empowering LP Negotiations Webinar

July 27, 2023

Organiser: PREQIN

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