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Preqin Special Report: The Future of Alternatives in 2027

Explore our latest Insights+ report and discover our analysis of projected trends through to 2027

Welcome to Preqin’s Future of Alternatives report

Every two years we use our market-leading data, team of research analysts, and industry-wide contacts to attempt to answer the question: what does the future hold for the alternative assets industry?

Preqin’s global reach and wide-ranging client base means we engage with many industry participants around the world, gaining unique insights into not just their current behavior but also their future plans. These insights help to shape our data collection agenda, and feed into our own research and analysis.

Through our Future of Alternatives report, we aim to provide our clients and the wider market with the data and insights they need to successfully navigate the evolving alternatives landscape, and hope to answer some key questions about what we can expect in our industry in the next five years.

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Private equity

We expect the combination of higher interest rates and slower overall economic growth prompted by monetary tightening to impact private equity as an asset class.

Venture capital

Even with the challenging macroeconomic outlook, venture capital is likely to continue as a core allocation for returns-seeking investors – especially once the valuation adjustment process is complete.

Private debt

With further interest rate hikes widely expected, we expect that private debt will attract more attention from traditional fixed income investors.

Hedge funds

The asset class is expected to experience more outflows and pullbacks before bouncing back. Allocators need to keep in mind that hedge funds can absorb negative shocks in the market and help them manage risk in their portfolios.

Real estate

While some asset classes look set for their AUM growth to significantly decelerate, real estate could be relatively well protected.


Following a stellar fundraising year in 2021, global infrastructure is set to see its AUM gain ground on that of real estate by 2027.

Natural resources

Despite the macroeconomic uncertainty and rising recession fears, the asset class has really come into its own since and is now potentially offering investors opportunities well beyond the single use case of diversification that we have seen in years past.
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Private capital is now a core part of institutional investor portfolios. Meanwhile, retail investors have remained predominantly confined to traditional investments.

Unparalleled forecasting

Preqin's Future of Alternatives 2027 report offers unique analysis of high quality data you can't find anywhere else.

Our data represents unmissable industry forecasts including performance by strategy, AUM across regions and asset classes, and much more.

We are committed to transparency, so we invite you to examine our methodology in this white paper to see how we produced the most valuable forecast in alternatives:

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