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ESG Trends

Topical, timely analysis of the key trends shaping the ESG space

ESG is now a key part of alternatives investment for both LPs and GPs - and adoption is only accelerating

80% investors to have ESG plan in place by 2023

More than a third of investors surveyed by Preqin have stated that ESG will become an even bigger part of the industry on the three year horizon; with 80% investors intending to have an ESG plan in place by 2023. Recent research from PwC Global AWM Research Centre, published in Preqin’s 2021 ESG in Alternatives Report, estimates that funds with an ESG policy will account for an estimated 90% of capital raised by private market fund managers over the next five years.

And as ESG factors continue growing in importance for investors and fund managers, understanding ESG trends and challenges will prove key to ensuring your strategies are future-ready.
Discover our data-led analysis, written by private markets experts, on the forces shaping and shifting the needle on ESG; along with insight into how your industry peers are tackling ESG.

Preqin Roundtable: ESG & the Middle Market

Investment firms are increasingly finding that LPs expect them to have ESG policies in place with clear, measurable KPIs to track progress. But implementing ESG can seem daunting for middle-market firms just starting out on their ESG journey. In this roundtable, an all-women panel of four industry experts share their top tips and define a roadmap for success, from setting KPIs to tackling challenges along the way.

How your peers are addressing ESG

Industry experts share their views on how they are integrating ESG.

Learn more about ESG

As demand for ESG investing increases, it’s important for industry practitioners to understand the key developments in, and approaches towards, responsible investing. Available via Preqin Academy, our Introduction to ESG lesson provides an in-depth overview of keys trends in the sector, approaches to ESG integration, and a look at the opportunities and challenges presented by ESG investing.

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