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Scoggin Management

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Hedge Fund Manager


New York NY US

Alternative Asset Classes




Firm Ownership


Investment Team Staff

Total Staff

Established in 2015, Scoggin Management (formerly Scoggin LLC, est. 1988), is a New York-based hedge fund manager that was founded by Curtis Schenker and Craig Effron. The firm, which manages a range of multi-strategy, opportunistic, and event driven strategies, seeks to identify and invest in opportunities across capital structures with no bias towards any specific market or region.
Asset Class No. of Funds Currently Managed Funds Raised in Last 10 Years Est. Dry Powder Strategies
Private Equity - -
Real Estate - -
Private Debt - -
Infrastructure - -
Natural Resources - -
Asset Class No. of Funds Currently Managed AuM Date of AuM Strategies
Hedge Funds 5 Event Driven, Multi-Strategy

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9 Known Decision Makers

Contact Name Position Location Email Telephone Asset Class
Chief Compliance Officer New York, US HF
Chief Financial Officer New York, US HF
Impact Investing New York, US HF
Investor Relations New York, US HF
Limited Partner New York, US HF

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6 Hedge Funds Managed

Fund Name Share Classes Inception Date Core Strategy Status Latest AUM
Special Situations Liquidated
Event Driven Active
Multi-Strategy Active
Multi-Strategy Active
Multi-Strategy Active

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7 Known Investors

Investor Number of Funds Type City Country Asset Class
2 Private Sector Pension Fund HF
3 Private Sector Pension Fund HF
2 Fund of Hedge Funds Manager HF
2 Private Sector Pension Fund HF
2 Foundation HF

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