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Real Estate Firm


Copenhagen Denmark

Alternative Asset Classes




Firm Ownership

Captive Arm – Corporate

Investment Team Staff

Total Staff

NREP invests in gaining deep understanding of specific customer group’s current and future preferences in its target segments to provide more customer-centric products and implement asset improvements that create a better customer value/cost proposition. As a result, NREP has developed a series of real estate products within co-living, student housing, care homes and modern logistics. The firm’s partners focus on the operational side of the real estate business by placing emphasis on active tenant relationship management and hands-on asset management, and in line with this philosophy, NREP has chosen to keep the management of tenant relationships in-house. The firm seeks to generate risk-adjusted returns for its investors, typically through the acquisition of stable, income generating assets and application of active asset management to further drive value creation. The firm maintains an emphasis on capital preservation, whilst ensuring potential to achieve upside. NREP applies a thematic approach to sector selection, targeting market segments that are benefiting, or expected to benefit, from strong underlying supply and demand imbalances and solid operational fundamentals. In addition, NREP focuses on segments that are poorly understood or difficult for broader pools of capital to access, and so are typically relatively uncrowded or non-professional, frequently enabling the firm to acquire stable cash flows at attractive prices and / or realise untapped value potential through applying active asset management. NREP asset management team is responsible for implementing the value-added initiatives planned on each asset, including improving operational efficiency, leasing, planning, refurbishment, and development. Asset managers are supported by the investment managers, who also each spend a proportion of their time on the active management post-acquisition, as the NREP Partners believe that this approach is important in building long-term accountability. The asset management team works alongside the investment team during acquisition processes, to ensure that business plans are fully executable and provide advice on suitable budgeting. NREP's philosophy maintains that keeping a full in-house asset management capabilities contributes to generating returns and significantly drives value creation across the acquired assets. The firm focuses on sustainability and has a team dedicated to ESG initiatives across sectors and regions and an embedded ESG review in its investment approach. The NREP Partners believe that sustainability and other initiatives within ESG drive value within sourcing, long term capital preservation, customer attractiveness and exit potential. In 2014 NREP made an investment in the Lendager Group, a sustainability, circular economy, and resource efficiency consultancy within real estate, to further drive sustainability and go beyond focusing on energy efficiency. This partnership allows NREP access to expertise on the life cycle footprint of real estate developments.
Asset Class No. of Funds Currently Managed Funds Raised in Last 10 Years Est. Dry Powder Strategies
Private Equity - -
Real Estate 8 Core-Plus, Opportunistic, Value Added
Private Debt - -
Infrastructure - -
Natural Resources - -
Asset Class No. of Funds Currently Managed AuM Date of AuM Strategies
Hedge Funds 0 -

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53 Known Decision Makers

Contact Name Position Location Email Telephone Asset Class
Director of Urban Development Copenhagen, Denmark RE
Associate, Investor Relations & Business Development Copenhagen, Denmark RE
Business Development & Investor Relations Copenhagen, Denmark RE
Chairman & Co-Founder Copenhagen, Denmark RE
Chairpersons Office,Doughnut Capital NREP Copenhagen, Denmark RE

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12 Private Capital Funds Managed

Fund Name Vintage Strategy Status Fund Structure Closed Size (MN) Target Size (MN) Primary Region Focus
Real Estate Value Added Closed Commingled Europe
Real Estate Core-Plus Semi-Open Ended Commingled Europe
Real Estate Value Added Closed Commingled Europe
Real Estate Core Open-Ended (Liquidated) Commingled Europe
Real Estate Value Added Closed Commingled Europe

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25 Known Investors

Investor Number of Funds Type City Country Asset Class
1 Insurance Company RE
1 Public Pension Fund RE
1 Family Office - Single RE
1 Real Estate Fund of Funds Manager RE
1 Public Pension Fund RE

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