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Fund Manager


Stockholm Sweden

Alternative Asset Classes




Firm Ownership

Independent Firm

Investment Team Staff

Total Staff

EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization with a 26-year history of investing in, owning, and developing companies and has a demonstrated track record of attractive, consistent investment performance across multiple geographies, sectors, and strategies across private equity and real assets. EQT has offices in 24 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. In 2021, EQT acquired the real estate business of Exeter Property Group. The real estate business operates under EQT as EQT Exeter, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group. In February 2022, EQT acquired the venture capital firm Life Science Partners. They now operate under the brand EQT Life Sciences. In 2022, EQT acquired BPEA Asia. The firm continues to operate with the same team in the Asian region under the name BPEA EQT.
Asset Class No. of Funds Currently Managed Funds Raised in Last 10 Years Est. Dry Powder Strategies
Private Equity 14 Buyout, Early Stage, Early Stage: Seed, Early Stage: Start-up, Expansion / Late Stage, Growth, Public to Private, Venture (General)
Real Estate 18 Core, Core-Plus, Value Added
Private Debt - -
Infrastructure 7 Infrastructure Core, Infrastructure Value Added, Infrastructure, Natural Resources
Natural Resources 5 Energy
Asset Class No. of Funds Currently Managed AuM Date of AuM Strategies
Hedge Funds 1 Event Driven

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275 Known Decision Makers

Contact Name Position Location Email Telephone Asset Class
Director Zurich, Switzerland PE
Partner & Global Head of Services Sector Team New York, US PE
Partner & Head of EQT Growth Advisory Team London, UK PE
Vice President, EQT Growth London, UK PE
Vice President London, UK PE

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55 Private Capital Funds Managed

Fund Name Vintage Strategy Status Fund Structure Closed Size (MN) Target Size (MN) Primary Region Focus
Infrastructure Core Raising Commingled Europe
Infrastructure Value Added First Close Commingled Europe
Infrastructure Core Plus Raising Commingled Diversified Multi-Regional
Real Estate Value Added Raising Commingled North America
Real Estate Core-Plus Raising Commingled Europe

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1 Hedge Funds Managed

Fund Name Share Classes Inception Date Core Strategy Status Latest AUM
Event Driven Active

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482 Known Investors

Investor Number of Funds Type City Country Asset Class
1 Private Sector Pension Fund RE
1 Fund of Funds Manager PE
1 Asset Manager PE
1 Private Sector Pension Fund PE
1 Private Equity Fund of Funds Manager PE

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