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Market Benchmarks

Measure your performance with Preqin data

Discover the world's largest selection of free alternatives benchmarks

See how you stack up to your peers with our free benchmarks. Go one step further and discover how you can customize your own benchmarks with fund performance data by booking a demo.

Access our benchmarks with a free Preqin account

Sign up for a Preqin free account today and get instant access to the largest selection of free market benchmarks in the industry, covering strategy, asset class, and vintage. Compare benchmarks and export benchmark tables to improve your strategic decision making.

Enhance your analysis with our benchmarks and more

Get instant access with a free Preqin account, giving you visibility of:

  • Alternative asset performance benchmarks
  • The latest reports covering fundraising, deals & exits, dry power, AUM, and investors
  • Our proprietary PrEQin Indices
  • Market-level statistics
customer statistic

82% of clients use Preqin as their main database for benchmarking

Power deeper performance analysis with Asset-Level Benchmarks

Explore the market's most granular and accurate data with Preqin Asset-Level Benchmarks, offering core metrics such as deal level returns, entry and exit valuation multiples, net leverage, fund loss ratios, operating statistics and more.

Place your portfolio in the context of the broader market

Go beyond our free offering and see over 50 years of fund performance data against our benchmarks. Make full use of horizon IRRs, custom benchmarks, PMEs, risk return analysis, and more with a Preqin subscription.

See our benchmarks in action by requesting a demo.

Take advantage of fund-level benchmarks

Maximize the depth of your analysis with access to a variety of benchmarking tools and analysis, including:

  • Constituent fund views
  • Benchmark summary views
  • Personalized benchmarks
  • Fund-level hedge fund benchmarks
See how our benchmarks can take your performance analysis to the next level

Create custom benchmarks

Create tailor-made peer groups of funds to extract benchmark data and make comparisons across a wide spectrum of performance metrics. Easily compare funds that you consistently track, or modify Preqin's Market Benchmarks to suit your needs.
See our benchmarks in action
against over 50 years of fund performance data and change

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Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


Stay on top of the latest developments in alternatives with exclusive industry reports, publications and statistics.

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