Data You Can Trust

Our global network of research teams and unparalleled knowledge of the industry combine to provide top-quality data that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Actionable data

Today, 60,000 fund managers, institutional investors and service providers use our data to stay ahead in the alternative assets market.

Every day, our actionable insights support industry professionals as they make crucial decisions and identify opportunities in raising capital, investor relations, asset allocation, fund manager selection, business development and more.

Comprehensive coverage

Our global data spans the alternative assets industry and presents a full, transparent overview of each asset class. It includes funds, fundraising, performance, fund managers, institutional investors, deals and exits, service providers, fund terms and more.

The asset classes we cover are: private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources and secondaries.

Accurate, timely and reliable intelligence

The way we collect our data makes us different:

Building valuable relationships

Our dedicated global research team speaks with alternative assets professionals to collect valuable intelligence and in-depth insight on investment plans, preferences, fundraising updates and more.

This direct engagement with industry participants promotes a two-way flow of information that ensures our data is accurate, timely, unique and actionable.

Consistent Monitoring and Updating

We supplement this intelligence with data collected by monitoring thousands of sources, including regulatory filings, press releases, news and websites, as well as FOIA requests.

Access options – our data in a way that suits you

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