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Preqin Data Coverage Map

Find out why alternatives professionals choose Preqin data

View Preqin's global data coverage in detail

Since 2003, we have been the most reliable source of data, insights and tools for global alternative assets professionals. More than 170,000 investors, fund managers, placement agents, service providers, advisors and others rely on us to find valuable opportunities and make intelligent decisions in alternative assets.

Use the interactive map to view our global coverage of investors, fund managers and service providers, and the asset classes we track. Drill down from the world view into regions and specific countries. Run comparisons of the data points you’re interested in.

Explore our coverage of LPs, GPs and SPs

Other data providers often say they have more data coverage than we do, but we’ve always made our coverage publicly available because we stand behind it – it’s comprehensive and accurately reflects the industry. When we refer to ‘investors’ in any asset class, we mean confirmed, active allocators. We do not include investors that are no longer investing, or those that actively invest in other asset classes but not the one in question. We do not count investment consultants, fund administrators, or GPs that are committing capital to their own fund as investors.

Find out how many investors, fund managers and service providers we cover - globally, by region, and by country.

Launch the interactive map

Review our coverage of asset classes

We’re rapidly growing, but we are not straying from what we know best – the global alternatives market – and provide you with data, insights and tools you can’t get anywhere else.

Discover how much coverage we have of the asset classes you're interested in:

  • Private Equity
  • Private Debt
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources

Launch the interactive map

Some of our other key datasets in numbers


alternative investment consultants tracked

funds with detailed fund terms

key alternatives contacts

Want to see more?

Request a demo of Preqin Pro and find out how you can:

  • Optimize your fundraising, benchmarking, reporting, and allocation decisions
  • Connect with over 250,000 alternative assets decision makers
  • Spot new opportunities first and get ahead of competition
  • Dive deeper into performance and maximize returns

How can we help you?

Preqin Pro

Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


Stay on top of the latest developments in alternatives with exclusive industry reports, publications and statistics.

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