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Sandon Capital

How Sandon Capital Reduced its Reliance on Prime Brokers

Date: 2019

Firm Type: Fund Manager
Asset Class:
Hedge Funds
Use Case:
Fundraising, Investor Relations
Business Development
Sydney, Australia

Preqin helps me ease my reliance on Prime Broker Cap Intro teams, building my own network of allocator relationships. Everything from single- or multi-family offices to the institutional endowments and foundations - the reach is global.

The challenge: 100% reliance on prime brokers to source allocators

Prior to subscribing to Preqin Pro, Sandon Capital was solely relying on prime brokers and their Cap Intro teams to reach out to new allocators. The process was expensive and meant Sandon never really owned the relationships with investors. This also impacted Sandon when on the road as it was reliant on third parties to find and secure meetings.

The requirement: direct access to information on allocators

To operate more efficiently, reduce the cost of acquisition and expand its network of allocators, Sandon Capital decided to look for hedge fund databases that would allow them to decrease their reliance on prime brokers and their Cap Intro teams.

The solution: a robust and reliable hedge fund database

Sandon Capital quickly identified the Preqin Pro platform as a solution due to its depth of information and wide coverage of hedge fund investors. However, Preqin’s human approach to data collection and robust validation process is what made Preqin stand out from the other solutions considered.

“In comparing multiple vendors, Preqin was great value for the spend. They have a very robust database of contacts and a very good process to ensure the quality of the data. It has been the most up-to-date and complete database I’ve used in comparison to their peers.”

Coupled with Preqin Pro’s target lists feature and daily alerts on investors’ activity, RFPs and plans, Preqin’s hedge fund data formed the perfect solution for Sandon to take control of investor sourcing and own those relationships in house.

The result: a tenfold increase in productivity

“The success is the ability to reach out directly to various allocators across the globe as I travel to meet new investors. Prior to Preqin, my reliance was 100% on the brokers making introductions where now I am controlling my destiny which has a positive increase in our relationships and recognition.”

Preqin’s data helped Sandon ease its reliance on prime broker Cap Intro teams by allowing them to build their own network of allocators. With Preqin’s coverage of over 5,700 investors actively allocating to hedge funds, Sandon Capital can access a wide range of potential allocators, allowing them to extend their reach globally.
Preqin's daily alerts of investor allocations and movements help me stay ahead of any contact movements and see what new RFPs may be occuring in my saved investor lists. It has increased my efficiency and focus tenfold.

Why Sandon Capital chose Preqin

  • Decrease Sandon's reliance on Prime Broker's Cap Intro teams
  • Direct access to more than 5,700 active hedge fund investors
  • Robust data collection and validation process to ensure Preqin provides the most up-to-date and complete database available on the market
  • Great platform features with Preqin Pro's Target Lists, Daily Alerts, Investor News, RFPs and Plans
  • Great value for money

About Sandon Capital

Founded in June 2008, Sandon Capital is a Sydney-based activist investment firm. It creates and implements active engagement strategies that seek to unlock value inherent in listed companies, securities and trusts in its portfolios.

Sandon Capital is the investment manager of the ASX-listed Sandon Capital Investment Limited, an unlisted investment company. They also provide corporate advisory services to select wholesale clients.

The firm's objective is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors using a combination of its activist engagement strategies and deep-value investment philosophy.
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