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Find out what it’s like to work in alternatives and get some real-life inspiration from industry professionals.

Careers in alternatives

The world of alternatives has many asset classes and job roles within it. From managing impact investments and working in venture capital to understanding how to stand out from your peers, industry professionals from around the world share their paths to success. Explore the insights below to learn more and see your career potential in the private markets.
What's it like working in venture capital? General Partner, Allison Baum Gates shares what her day-to-day looks like and how you can be successful in the field.
Capucine is a product development manager for hedge funds. Find out what designing, constructing, and building new hedge fund products for investors really entails.
Joyce shares more about her career. From a fascination with real assets to questioning the status quo, Joyce reveals her advice for getting ahead.
SEO is a nonprofit organization, with a mission to create a more equitable society by closing the academic and career opportunity gaps.
Kelsey works every day to make a positive impact. Discover what working in ESG looks like and why Kelsey chose a career in the sector.
Michelle talks about her career path, future careers in alternatives, and provides insight on how to advocate for diversity.
Three female leaders from Apex group discuss how to build a successful career in alternatives, and how to drive diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
We find out why women should feel empowered to work in venture capital and make a big difference to the asset class from Christine Tsai. 
Pam shares what skills and qualities can make someone successful in alternative investments, along with the importance of having women in the industry.
We find out about Lindsay's route into the alternative investments industry, as well as her advice on ways to set yourself apart from your peers when analyzing investment opportunities. 
Debbie shines a light on why education, diversity & inclusion and having women in alternatives are all important for the industry.
"It became very clear to me that we needed to deploy immediate and significant capital towards fighting climate change. It is incredibly motivating to know that the projects I now invest in are directly responsible for creating a positive impact."