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Preqin Academy

The Home of Alternatives Education

Welcome to Preqin Academy

With more than $10tn in assets under management, the alternative assets industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Preqin Academy is here to provide you with the resources you need to stay ahead in this exciting market.

We’ll walk you through the basics of alternative investments, and offer valuable insights to support you as you take the next steps in education or as you develop your career.

Explore our lessons below – with an introduction to alternatives, private capital, hedge funds, and each asset class – to begin your alternatives education.

Preqin's education programs

Alternatives for beginners

  • Learn about the basics of alternative assets
  • Introductory lessons on each asset class
  • Aimed at those new to the industry

Premium research

  • 120+ essential industry reports powered by Preqin data
  • Objective, in-depth analysis on key private market topics
  • Must-have for anyone active in alternatives

Training for business

  • Seven sessions, delivered in-person or online by alternatives experts, tailored to your needs
  • Access to our institutional research, Preqin Insights+
  • Best suited to firms wanting to upskill their teams

Content licensing

  • Leverage trusted private markets insights to create added value for your clients
  • Customizable content packages
  • Safely share Preqin content with your clients

Bespoke programs

  • Individual solutions tailored to fit your business needs
  • Highly customized content and format
  • Collaborative approach

Alternatives 101

Learn about the basics of alternative assets and deep dive into each asset class to further your knowledge on private equity & venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, private debt, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Test your knowledge on alternatives

After you’ve explored the lessons on Preqin Academy, test your knowledge of the private markets with Academy Essentials. From hedge funds to ESG, complete each Essentials quiz to earn badges that showcase your success.

Then, once you’ve passed all the asset classes – you’ll receive the ‘Academy Essentials’ badge!

Career Insights

Read more about the latest trends in industry, find out what it’s like to work in alternatives and get some real-life inspiration from industry professionals.

Careers in Alternatives: Nathalie Richards

Nathalie Richards, the CEO of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London, shares her philanthropic journey, addressing the unique challenges she faced as a woman of color working in finance, while offering valuable advice for companies aiming to improve their diversity, inclusion & equity (DEI) efforts.

Preqin Video Series: How to be successful in alternatives

Preqin spoke with female leaders from around the world to find out what it takes to be successful in the alternative investments industry. From ESG to venture capital investment, there are many career paths in alternatives to choose from. What our video series to find out more!

Working in alternatives in New York and Colombia

As Director of Investment Management at a LatAm-focused real estate firm, Felipe Botero shares the story of his career in alternatives, working in Colombia and how CAIA helped him to sharpen his skills.

Alternative Assets Resources

First Close Newsletter

Sign up to get the latest alternative assets investor and fund news, market trends, plus research and stats – delivered straight to your inbox. Hear from industry participants and our in-house experts so you can keep up with all the trending news in alternative investments.

Private Capital Salary Calculator

View private capital compensation

With our Compensation Calculator and report, improve your visibility of compensation across private capital. Our private capital job profiles show different levels of compensation in the industry to help you explore salary data for many roles within alternative investments.

Preqin Scholar

Undertaking research on alternatives? Find out how academics and students around the world use Preqin data to fuel alternatives research.

How do private equity fees vary across public pensions?

Emil Siriwardane, Professor at Harvard University, uses Preqin data to analyze how differences in fees can have a sizable impact on returns for investors in the same fund. Emil explores both the return variation in a fund, and return variation across funds.

How do syndication relationships shape investment decisions?

Pavel Zhelyazkov, Associate Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, uses Preqin data to explore syndication relationships between venture capital firms and how they affect the pattern of investments by limited partners.

Winning a competition with the help of Preqin data: Fordham University

Students from Fordham University explain more about how they achieved first place in the Total Impact Portfolio Challenge. Using Preqin's industry-leading data to curate the alternatives allocation, they were able to devise a winning portfolio.

Preqin Employee Spotlights

Find out from our employees what it’s like to be part of the Preqin team.

How do you move to an ESG role?

Nicholas Garraway, Senior Associate, ESG Research, Research & Insights, shares more on his career at Preqin so far and changing teams from Private Capital research to ESG research. Learn what it is like to work in ESG within alternatives.

What does a Product Manager do?

Aditi Awati, AVP, Product Management, answers questions on what it is like to pursue a career in product, covering a range of hard and soft skills, and offers advice to anyone thinking about following a similar career path.

What is it like to change countries with Preqin?

Sabrina Edwards, Analyst, Managed Data Services, has moved from Chicago to London during her time with Preqin. Making a big move is exciting - she shares what she learned on the way.

Partner Offerings

Interested in learning more about alternatives? Find out how our partnerships can help you gain a qualification and build your career in alternative assets.

How can we help you?

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Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


Stay on top of the latest developments in alternatives with exclusive industry reports, publications and statistics.

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