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Our Values

At Preqin we’re driven by our values: everything we do is in line with the guiding principles we set for ourselves.
Quality Data and Solutions, Comprehensive Coverage
Preqin is the first port of call for alternatives data, research and tools.

Customer Centricity
Our customers are the central focus of Preqin.

Preqin is data led and impartial.

Preqin sits at the forefront of the dynamic alternatives industry.

Effective communication is essential to our success.

Personal Development
Our business is built as much on our people as it is on our data and solutions.
We are constantly striving to make sure that we have a positive impact on our people, on the alternatives industry, and on the communities we live in.
What we are doing

Corporate responsibility

We aim to accelerate sustainability efforts within the alternatives industry.
    We do this by developing data-driven ESG solutions and insights that empower informed decisions, and by embedding sustainability principles daily into the way we work.

    We are committed to integrating corporate responsibility into the fabric of our company by continuously considering the environmental, social, and governance impacts of our business on all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.

    We constantly seek out areas of improvement, set bold goals, and make decisions that enable a culture of integrity, respect and inclusion that empowers our people, and ultimately our business, to be a force for good in the alternatives industry and the communities we serve.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.
From ensuring that we attract a diverse talent pool, through providing mentorship and development opportunities that help our people reach the next level of their careers, to creating supportive community spaces, we are focused on promoting a global workforce that is diverse, collaborative, and engaged.

We are a proud advocate for equality in the alternatives industry.
We work with industry associations and non-profit organizations to highlight diversity challenges and raise awareness. We also utilize our own data to shed light on gender diversity in alternatives, specifically through our annual Women in Alternatives research report. You can find the 2022 edition here.

We are transparent about gender representation at Preqin.
Having a gender-balanced workforce is an important step toward achieving wider diversity within our organization, and we’re making tangible steps toward increasing female representation. Read our latest diversity and gender pay gap update here.


We believe that everyone deserves access to education.
That’s why we have built the Preqin Academy, a free online resource designed for early-career professionals, students, and those looking to learn more about the alternative assets industry.

We work to further understanding of the alternative assets industry.
We frequently partner with and provide information to universities and academics conducting research on alternatives. You can find a selection of articles in which we appear on our Preqin Scholar page.

We stand for a democratic, meritocratic future of finance.
We have partnered with groups like SEO (Seizing Every Opportunity) that provide mentoring and opportunities to high-achieving young people from ethnic minority backgrounds. We believe that the finance industry is at its strongest when all points of view are represented, and no talent is overlooked.
How we achieve our goals

By following strong, transparent and equitable business practices

We are committed to the highest standards of openness and accountability. Our reputation and the mutual trust and confidence of the employees, customers, and market participants we interact with are vital and indispensable assets of our business.

  • We are an equal opportunity employer, and we strive to provide a safe, healthy and fair environment for our people
  • We have an employee code of conduct that ensures our employees uphold the highest standards
  • We are opposed to all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace – including, but not limited to, gender, race, region, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and pregnancy status
  • We enforce a strict anti-bribery and corruption policy, and we report annually on it to our Board
  • We have a stringent vendor selection policy that screens our suppliers for best practices related to anti-slavery and anti-corruption
  • We have procedures in place for employees to confidentially raise compliance concerns they have to executive management
Our commitment

Modern Slavery Act

Preqin is committed to conducting business without slavery or human trafficking involved in any way across our supply chains. We therefore make the following statement, reflecting our commitment to ethical business practice, and ensuring the integrity of our business and those we work with.

In addition to satisfying our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act, we hope this statement will also help stockholders, customers, and suppliers make more informed decisions about the companies they associate with.

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