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The Economic Effects of Private Equity Buyouts

  • 08 Oct 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: S. J. Davis (University of Chicago), J. Haltiwanger (University of Maryland), K. Handley (University of Michigan), J. Lerner (Harvard University)

The Performance of the State-Owned Enterprise's Stocks in Indonesia

  • 05 Oct 2019

  • SOURCE: eprints.undip.ac.id

  • Author: D. Pulungan, S. Wahyudi, S. Suharnomo, H. Muharam

Global Forces on the US CLO Market

  • 04 Oct 2019

  • SOURCE: jsf.pm-research.com

  • Author: K. Kendra

Private Equity Funds and Their Performance in the Post-crisis Period

  • 02 Oct 2019

  • SOURCE: dspace.cuni.cz

  • Author: Š. Konír (Charles University)

Bounties For Errors: Market Testing Contracts

  • 27 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: R. K. Rasmussen, M. Simkovic (University of Southern California)

The Tianxia System and the Chinese Dream as Theoretical-discursive Platforms for the Legitimacy-building in China’s New Silk Road

  • 27 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: J. C. Margueliche (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)

Addressing Challenges in the Private Markets Investments Industry Through the Use of Distributed Ledger Technology

  • 23 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: uploads-ssl.webflow.com

  • Author: F.M. Spiegl, C. Zhang, W. Wong

A Venture Capitalist's Screening and Selection Process

  • 15 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: run.unl.pt

  • Author: M. Limbert (Nova School of Business and Economics)

Venture Capital in China and India: Does Business Form Matter?

  • 14 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: L. Lin (National University of Singapore), U. Varottil (National University of Singapore)

Activist Hedge Funds: Beware the New Titans

  • 14 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: journals.aom.org

  • Author: A. Ahn, M. Wiersema

The Housing Sprint

  • 12 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: sbs.ox.ac.uk

  • Author: A. Baum, (SAID Business School, University of Oxford) Q. Xiong (SAID Business School, University of Oxford)

A Capital Market Union for Europe

  • 12 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: elibrary.imf.org

  • Author: A.V. Bhatia, S. Mitra, A. Weber, S. Aiyar, L.A. de Almeida, C. Cuervo, A.O. Santos, T. Gudmundsson (International Monetary Fund, IMF)

Direct Lending: The Determinants, Characteristics and Performance of Direct Loans

  • 12 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: M. Loumioti (University of Texas at Dallas)

O papel e as contribuições da indústria de Venture Capital no Brasil

  • 06 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: seer.ufu.br

  • Author: S.G. Leonel (Fundação Dom Cabral)

Returns and Persistence of Private Equity Infrastructure Funds

  • 04 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: ideas.repec.org

  • Author: M. Haran

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Trading in Financial Markets

  • 02 Sep 2019

  • SOURCE: ijasrm.com

  • Author: M. Yadav (University of Delhi)

Private Equity Investment Opportunities for Retail Investors

  • 30 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: M. Huebschmann, M. Halilov

Valoración por Múltiplos

  • 30 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: researchgate.net

  • Author: A.R. Ramírez (Universidad de Almería), T. Mariño-Garrido (IESIDE), R. R. Porrúa

Cryptocurrency as a Commodity: The CFTC's Regulatory Framework

  • 29 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: allenovery.com

  • Author: D. Lucking, V. Aravind

Herd Behaviour in Buyout Investments

  • 29 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: Elsevier

  • Author: A. Buchner (University of Passau), A. Mohamed (Leeds Business School), A. Schwienbacher (SKEMA Business School)

The Economic Growth and the Opportunity for the Private Equity Funds to Divest: An Empirical Analysis for Eastern Europe

  • 28 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: ceeol.com

  • Author: M. Precup (Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad)

Venture Capital, Angel Capital & Other Finance, IPOs and Acquisitions

  • 27 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: L. Lin (National University of Singapore)

Impact Investing in Private Equity

  • 27 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: aaltodoc.aalto.fi

  • Author: A. Kirppu (Aalto University)

Tax Efficient Structures for Hedge Fund Investing

  • 21 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: F. Lhabitant (EDHEC Business School)

Doing Business in Biotech: European Paradigm Versus American Success

  • 18 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: Springer

  • Author: D. Zirra (Romanian-American University)

Signal Strength, Media Attention, and Resource Mobilization: Evidence from New Private Equity Firms

  • 15 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: journals.aom.org

  • Author: T. Vanacker (Ghent University) D. P. Forbes, M. Knockaert, S. Manigart

Debt Funds: Alternative Financing on the Swedish Real Estate Market

  • 14 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: diva-portal.org

  • Author: V. Holmen, L. Svensson

Private Equity Investitionen im Pflegesektor: Relevanz, Dimensionen und Handlungserfordernisse

  • 13 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: econstor.eu

  • Author: M. Evans, C. Scheuplein

Distortion or Cash Flow Management? Understanding Credit Facilities in Private Equity Funds

  • 13 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: P. Schillinger (Technische Universität München), R. Braun (Technische Universität München), J. Cornel

Assessing Private Equity Performance

  • 09 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: S. Chaplinsky (University of Virginia - Darden School of Management)

Private Equity Funds: European Industry Returns and Performance Benchmarking

  • 09 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: repositorio.ucp.pt

  • Author: E. Pegado (Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics)

Ulusal Varlık Fonlarının Politik Boyutu

  • 02 Aug 2019

  • SOURCE: dergipark.org.tr

  • Author: I. Yaman (Recep Tayyip Erdogan University), A.B. Yereli (Hacettepe University)

Estudio de las entidades de capital-riesgo en España

  • 31 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: riunet.upv.es

  • Author: C. Tarín Ríos

Integrated Financial Statements for Leveraged Buyouts

  • 23 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: B. Ayash (California State Polytechnic University)

Passive Versus Active Growth: Evidence from Founder Choices and Venture Capital Investment

  • 23 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: nber.org

  • Author: C. Catalini (MIT Sloan School of Management), J.Guzman (Columbia University), S. Stern (David Sarnoff Professor of Management, MIT)

Can Private Equity Funds Act as Strategic Buyers? Evidence from Buy-and-Build Strategies

  • 13 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: glion.edu

  • Author: D.S. Bansraj, V. Volosovych, H.T.J. Smit (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Private Debt Markets

  • 13 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: G. Fleming, D. Cumming (Florida Atlantic University), Z.F. Liu (The University of Western Australia)

The Role of Financial Markets and Institutions in Private Sector Development in Africa

  • 12 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: Elsevier

  • Author: J.Y. Abor (University of Ghana Business School), E. K. Agbloyor (University of Ghana Business School), H. Issahaku (University for Development Studies)

European Small Business Finance Outlook

  • 06 Jul 2019

  • SOURCE: eif.org

  • Author: H. Kraemer, A. Botsari, S. Gvetadze, F. Lang, W. Torfs

Bridging Public Pension Funds and Infrastructure Investing

  • 29 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: C. Lipshitz, I. Walter (New York University)

Valuing Private Equity Investments Strip by Strip

  • 29 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: nber.org

  • Author: A. Gupta (Princeton University), S. Van Nieuwerburgh (Columbia Business School)

Real Estate: The Case for Investment in Private and Listed Real Estate

  • 28 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: aresjournals.org

  • Author: C. H. Wurtzebach, J. D. Shilling (DePaul University)

Financial Technology and Hedge Funds

  • 28 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: W. Kaal (University of St. Thomas School of Law)

An institutional and spatial consideration of markets for financialised infrastructure

  • 28 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: theses.ncl.ac.uk

  • Author: G.S. Thrower

Persistence Performance Among Baltic Equity Funds

  • 25 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: A. Jadevicius

Common Ownership and Startup Growth

  • 25 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: O. Eldar (Duke University), Jillian Grennan (Duke University), K. Waldock (Georgetown University)

Portfolio Selection With Active Strategies: How Long Only Constraints Shape Convictions

  • 23 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: C.A. Lehalle, G. Simon

The Structure of Private Funds, Their Relation to Private Firms, and the Implications for Accounting, Economics, and Finance Research

  • 21 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: P. Mason (Baylor University), S. Utke (University of Connecticut)

Kapitalanlagen von Lebensversicherungsunternehmen in Infrastruktur

  • 20 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: S. Radstaak

Unternehmensfinanzierung mit Private Debt in der Schweiz

  • 17 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: blog.hslu.ch

  • Author: T.K. Birrer, M. Bauer, S. Amrein

Hedge Fund Performance Persistence: Do the country of domicile and the investment strategy matter?

  • 16 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: W.J. Klubinski, T. Verousis (Essex Business School)

Beyond the Hedge: Coaching to Support Hedge Funds Create Value and Legacies Over Time

  • 16 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: pinetumpartners.com

  • Author: S.S. Gross

What do hedge funds say?

  • 14 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: wp.lancs.ac.uk

  • Author: J. Joenväärä, J. Karppinen, C. Tiu (University at Buffalo)

Extending Financial Inclusion in Africa

  • 12 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: D. Makina (University of South Africa)

Who Drives Digital Innovation? Evidence from the US Medical Device Industry

  • 10 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: hbs.edu

  • Author: C. Foroughi, A.D. Stern (Harvard Business School)

Real Estate in South Asia: A Macroeconomic Overview of South Asia

  • 10 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: Y. Chen, P. Das

The Performance Evaluation of the State-owned Enterprise's Stocks in Indonesia

  • 09 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: search.proquest.com

  • Author: D.P. Pulungan, Sugeng Wahyudi (Diponegoro University)

Investment Funds, Inequality and Scarcity of Opportunity

  • 09 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: search.ebscohost.com

  • Author: O. Arewa (Temple University)

A Venture Capitalist's Screening and Selection Process

  • 04 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: core.ac.uk

  • Author: M. Prado (Nova School of Business and Economics)

Hedge Fund Strategies, Performance & Diversification: A Portfolio Theory & Stochastic Discount Factor Approach

  • 04 Jun 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: D. Newton (University of Bath), E. Platanakis (University of Bath), D. Stafylas (Aston Business School), C.Sutcliffe (University of Reading), X. Ye (University of Liverpool)

Long-term Decision Making in the Presence of Financial Disasters

  • 30 May 2019

  • SOURCE: sm.cumt.edu.cn

  • Author: I. Chondrogiannis (Loughborough University)

Understanding Fintech and Private Equity

  • 30 May 2019

  • SOURCE: pure.uva.nl

  • Author: J.E. Ligterink, J.K. Martin, A. Boot (University of Amsterdam)

Water as an Investment and the Impact of Regulatory Risk

  • 30 May 2019

  • SOURCE: griffith.edu.au

  • Author: Y. Jin, R. Reza, B. Li, E. Roca, V. Wong

Manager Skills of Long/Short Equity Hedge Funds: The Factor Model Dependency

  • 29 May 2019

  • SOURCE: pdfs.semanticscholar.org

  • Author: M. Claes (HEC Management School, University of Liège)

The Evolution of Belgium REITs

  • 24 May 2019

  • SOURCE: emeraldinsight.com

  • Author: M.J. Marzuki (Western Sydney University), G. Newell (Western Sydney University)

Turnaround Private Equity

  • 24 May 2019

  • SOURCE: run.unl.pt

  • Author: K. Rybarova (Nova School of Business and Economics)

Evolution of Pension Management in Nigeria and Its Importance to the Economy

  • 21 May 2019


  • Author: I. O. Nwanna (Nnamdi Azikiwe University), K. Ogbonna (Nnamdi Azikiwe University)

Business Development Companies: Private Equity for Individual Investors

  • 19 May 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: T. Kallenos (University of Cyprus), G. P. Nishioti (University of Cyprus)

Financial Intermediaries as Suppliers of Housing Quality

  • 19 May 2019

  • SOURCE: scholar.harvard.edu

  • Author: M. Reher

Sources of Financing for Real Estate in Singapore

  • 18 May 2019

  • SOURCE: search.proquest.com

  • Author: F. Koh, K. Gan

Financialising City Statecraft and Infrastructure

  • 17 May 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: A. Pike (Centre for Urban and Regional Development), P. O'Brien, T. Strickland, J. Tomaney (University College London)

Market Frictions in Entrepreneurial Innovation: Theory and Evidence

  • 17 May 2019

  • SOURCE: Elsevier

  • Author: A. Cipollone, Paolo Giordani (Guido Carli University)

This Time Is Different, but It Will End the Same Way: Unrecognized Secular Changes in the Bond Market since the 2008 Crisis That May Precipitate the Next Crisis

  • 14 May 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: D. Zwirn, J.K.S. Liew (John Hopkins University), A. Ahmad (John Hopkins University)

Fondos Alternativos en el sistema de pensiones; Un escenario alternativo

  • 11 May 2019

  • SOURCE: repositorio.uchile.cl

  • Author: D. Saavedra (Universidad de Chile)

Modeling Private Equity: A Combined Time-Series Approach

  • 07 May 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: A. Fragkiskos, O. Krasotkina, H.D. Spilker, (University Of Hawaii At Manoa), R. Werners (University of Maryland)

Exploring the Relational Dimension in a Smart Innovation Ecosystem: a Comprehensive Framework to Define the Network Structure and the Network Portfolio

  • 06 May 2019

  • SOURCE: Springer

  • Author: E. Panetti, M. Ferretti, A. Parmentola (Parthenope University)

VC: An American History

  • 05 May 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: T. Nicholas

Private Capital: Principi e Pratiche di Private Equity e Private Debt

  • 01 May 2019


  • Author: R. Ippoliti, L. Etro (SDA Bocconi Business School)

The Role of Institutional Investors in Financing PPP Infrastructure

  • 27 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: elgaronline.com

  • Author: R. Sharma, A.H.B. Monk (Stanford University)

Long-Run Management of Private Equity Investment

  • 27 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: jpe.iijournals.com

  • Author: P. Wang, S. Peterson

The Dynamics of Local Innovation Systems: Structures, Networks and Processes

  • 26 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: taylorfrancis.com

  • Author: E. Panetti

Near or Far? The Role of Micro-geographic Distance in Inter-organizational Relationships in Local Innovation Ecosystems

  • 26 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: conference.druid.dk

  • Author: E. Panetti (Parthenope University), A. Parmentola (Parthenope University), M. Guerini (Politecnico di Milano) M. Ferretti

Songs of Profit, Songs of Loss: Private Equity, Wealth, and Inequality

  • 19 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: D. Souleles (Copenhagen Business School)

The Risk and Return of Private Equity Real Estate Funds

  • 19 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: Elsevier

  • Author: K. Farrelly, (University of Reading), S. Stevenson (University of Washington)

Unternehmenskreditfi nanzierungen durch Nicht-Banken in Deutschland – Die Sichtweise der drei Marktakteure

  • 15 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: creditreform-rating.de

  • Author: Bundesverband Alternative Investments e. V. (BAI)

Processo de investimento e tomada de decisão de Venture Capital na Indústria de SaaS: da Teoria à Prática

  • 14 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: tcc.sc.usp.br

  • Author: G. Van Swaay (Universidad de São Paulo)

The Hedge Fund Industry in Switzerland in a Changing Landscape

  • 14 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: shfc.ch

  • Author: R. Anhorn, M. Trosic-Ivanisevic (Zhaw School of Management and Law)

Institutional Investment and the Changing Role of Public Equity Markets: International Evidence

  • 10 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: R.L. Smith I. Kalcheva (University of California, Riverside), J.K. Smith (Claremont McKenna College)

Eyes on Venture Capital Woes

  • 04 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: search.informit.com.au

  • Author: Y. El-Ansary

When Wall Street Manages Main Street: Managerial Dilemmas, Sustainability and Inequality

  • 02 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: researchgate.net

  • Author: R. Batt (Cornell University)

Accumuler le Capital

  • 01 Apr 2019

  • SOURCE: cairn.info

  • Author: M Benquet, T Bourgeron

Transnational Investments and Local Development

  • 29 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: researchgate.net

  • Author: M.G. Lucia

Leveraged Buyout Booms and Busts: Can Islamic Finance Help Prevent and Mitigate Such Market Distortions?

  • 28 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: businessperspectives.org

  • Author: M. El Haloui, R. Aboulaich

Future Research Opportunities for Asian Real Estate

  • 23 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: Taylor & Francis

  • Author: G. Newell (Western Sydney University)

Quantifying Private and Foreign Investment in Transport Infrastructure

  • 22 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: itf-oecd.org

  • Author: F. Mistura

Modelagem de portfolios de private equity: como planejar o comprometimento de capital

  • 19 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: bibliotecadigital.fgv.br

  • Author: G.L. Cella

State Capitalism (s) Redux?: Theories, Tensions, Controversies

  • 17 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: I. Alami (Maastricht University), A.D. Dixon (Maastricht University)

Private Equity: A Casebook

  • 15 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: books.google.com

  • Author: R. Ruback, P.A. Gompers (Harvard University), V. Ivashina (Harvard Business School)

Private Equity: Kauf und Verkauf auf dem Krankenhausmarkt

  • 06 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: thieme-connect.com

  • Author: C. Scheuplein (Institut Arbeit und Technik, Gelsenkirchen)

Three Essays on the Behavior of Financial Market Participants

  • 06 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: rave.ohiolink.edu

  • Author: A. Rossi (Ohio State University)

Institutional Investors' Investments in Private Equity: The More the Better?

  • 05 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: search.ebscohost.com

  • Author: D.R. Cavagnaro, Y. Wang

Performance von Private-Debt-Fonds

  • 03 Mar 2019

  • SOURCE: remaco.com

  • Author: P. Böni, T.Silins

The Private Equity Negotiation Myth

  • 26 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: W.W. Clayton (Brigham Young University)

Alinhamento de interesses e remuneração de gestores na indústria de private equity no Brasil

  • 23 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: dspace.insper.edu.br

  • Author: K.M. Fugita (Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa Faculdade de Economia e Administração)

Deficits in the Saudi Pension Funds: Causes and Solutions

  • 22 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: O. Almania (Imam University), A.A. Mubarak (King Faisal University)

Climate Change Impacts on Finance: Managing One of the Biggest Threats to the Global Economy

  • 20 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: dspace.unive.it

  • Author: F. Chiavuzzo (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia)

Übernahmen durch Private Equity im deutschen Gesundheitssektor: eine Zwischenbilanz für die Jahre 2013 bis 2018

  • 19 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: econstor.eu

  • Author: M Evans, S Merkel, C. Scheuplein (Institut Arbeit und Technik, Gelsenkirchen)

Performance and Persistence in Private Equity Infrastructure Funds

  • 15 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: M. Haran (Ulster University), D. Lo (Ulster University), S. Milcheva (University College London)

Nonbank Credit

  • 15 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: C.P. Skinner (University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School)

Private Equity Trends to Look Out for in 2019

  • 12 Feb 2019

  • SOURCE: jpe.iijournals.com

  • Author: S. Raftopoulos, J. MacAdam

PE Firms Changing Role as Investors Look to the Long-term

  • 30 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: search.proquest.com

  • Author: O. Jackson

Ulusal Varlık Fonları: Süreklileşme ve Yaygınlaşma

  • 29 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: dergipark.org.tr

  • Author: Y. Yayla

Restricted Access to Private Equity Investment and Its Role in Wealth Disparity

  • 28 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: ppe-review.org

  • Author: J. Chiruvolu

Debt Dynamics

  • 26 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: bis.org

  • Author: B. Broadbent

The Global Infrastructure Public-private Partnership and the Extra-territorial Politics of Collective Provision: The Case of Regional Rail Transit in Denver, USA

  • 23 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: journals.sagepub.com

  • Author: A.E.G Jonas (University of Hull), A.R. Goetz (University of Denver), S. Brady (University of Denver/ Metropolitan State University of Denver)

Funding Liquidity, Political Geography, and Private Equity Performance: Evidence from China

  • 23 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: Taylor & Francis

  • Author: X. Hou, J. Lian, S. Li, Q. Wang

Identifying Corporate Venture Capital Investors– A Data-cleaning Procedure

  • 18 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: Elsevier

  • Author: P. Röhm, M. Merz, A. Kuckertz (University of Hohenheim)

Start-ups and Home Services: The HelpMeAround Case Study

  • 18 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: webthesis.biblio.polito.it

  • Author: C. Cambini, A. Di Stolfo

Essays on Investment Style Drifts and Industry Relatedness in Private Equity

  • 17 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: mediatum.ub.tum.de

  • Author: D. Rody

Public-private Partnerships: Integrating Models of Projects, Business Ecosystems and Layered Infrastructure Markets

  • 16 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: utupub.fi

  • Author: P. Leviäkangas (University of Turku)

Understanding Private Equity: A Primer

  • 12 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: altegris.com

  • Author: Altegris

Three Essays in Private Equity

  • 09 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: tel.archives-ouvertes.fr

  • Author: S.A. Tommar (PSL Research University)

Etude de comptabilité entre Hedge Funds et finance durable

  • 09 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: doc.rero.ch

  • Author: E. Iseli

Why Venture Capitalists Stray From Their Industry Comfort Zones

  • 04 Jan 2019

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: T. Hull (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Do Investment Determinants and Effects Vary Across Sovereign Wealth Fund Categories? A Firm-level Analysis

  • 28 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: Elsevier

  • Author: F. Gangi, A. Meles, M. Mustilli, D. Graziano

Risk Adjustment in Private Equity Returns

  • 20 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: A.G. Korteweg (University of Southern California)

From Governing to Managing: Exploring Modes of Control in Private Equity Relationships

  • 20 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: A. Ditillo, D.S. Bedford (University of Technology Sydney)

Impact Investing: Framework and Future Research Avenues

  • 19 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: ingentaconnect.com

  • Author: A. Agrawal (Copenhagen Business School)

Private Equity: Operazioni di investimento

  • 15 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: tesi.cab.unipd.it

  • Author: E. Barbarisi

Deal-by-Deal Compensation Structures and Portfolio Diversification

  • 13 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: J.A. Magro (Nova School of Business and Economics)

System and Method for Direct Investing

  • 11 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: Google Patents

  • Author: J.C. Backus

The Limits of Low Volatility and the Deviancy of Standard Deviation

  • 10 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: thehedgefundjournal.com

  • Author: B. Norris, A Leitch, A Capital

Investment Income Taxes and Private Equity Acquisition Activity

  • 10 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: P. Mason (Baylor University), HH Zhang (The University of Texas), A. Holcomb (The University of Texas)

Initial Public Offerings Over the Industry Life Cycle

  • 10 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: A. Nain (University of Iowa), J. Ying (Southern Illinois University)

Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion?

  • 10 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

  • Author: G.Y. Allayannis (University of Virginia), A. Fernstrom (University of Virginia), A.N. Luzgina (Tilburg University)

Is Corporate Governance a First-order Cause of the Current Malaise?

  • 09 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: thebritishacademy.ac.uk

  • Author: J.N. Gordon

Private Equity Valuation Before and After asc 820

  • 09 Dec 2018

  • SOURCE: papers.ssrn.com

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